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Our Services


​Decks are a great way to bring a new element into your landscaping. With a vast selection of timbers and features such as built in bbqs, steps, seats and planter boxes let us bring the deck of your dreams to life. 

Retaining Walls

​Retaining walls are an important part of your landscaping. At CLS we offer the correct advice to build the right wall for you. Choose from sandstone rock walls, treated pine sleepers, besser blocks and coloured concrete blocks just to name a few.


​Offering all styles of paving from small to large. Specialising in driveways and paths. Lots of patterns to choose from including crazy paving for that intricate look. Your choice or let us help you decide the best option for your home.  


​Pergolas are a great addition to your home and offer extended living space and great shelter from the elements. We build pergolas in all sizes, with a variety of roofing types available, including peaks.

Synthetic Grass

Today's world offers a very affordable way to keep your garden neat and green. Synthetic has the advantages of saving on water, low maintenance (no mowing!) and green all year round. So many choices in style and color to choose from. 


Let us organise your fences and gates in timber or colourbond, in a range of styles and using the best quality materials.


Installing an irrigation system is the best way to ensure your garden gets the water it needs without waste. Whether it is subsoil irrigation or drip lines, the choice is yours. Manual or auto timers make life easy and a rain sensor will avoid wasting water on a rainy day.


Water Features

Water features look good and don't need to be a luxury item. Pre-made or custom designs - find the right one for you and let us add pleasure and value to your garden.


Garden Beds

​Attractive garden beds enhance any home. You can include raised beds, tiered slopes, or simply run with the natural layout. Good plant selection and a thick layer of mulch will bring the best result all year round. Whatever your vision, we can make it a reality.



A driveway is one of the major elements in the look of your home. Paving and concrete are the most popular choices. Paving gives you flexibility in colours and patterns. Concrete can be a cheaper option while still providing a great look. Whatever your choice, we make sure the base is done right giving you a long lasting driveway that will look great for many years.​ 

Other Services

​At CLS we also provide services such as granite areas, garden edging, planting mulching and excavation work. Our small access machine can fit through 850mm wide gates getting into those tight spaces.

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